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Aces Tier 1 Residential Solar Solutions

You Only Fit Solar Once So Fit the Best




Save up to 80% of your electricity bill by going solar.

We are focused on providing cost effective solar energy saving solutions and renewable energy systems for residential applications.  

You Only Fit Solar Once So Fit The Best

Solar Made Simple And Easy

Get in touch to review your options and leave the rest to us. We take care of everything for you.

Saves You Money

Solar power saves you money from the first day of installation. You start enejoying the benefits from the mment the system goes on.

Installation and Maintanance

We have a team of expert solar installation agents who are experience and have expertise to make sure your system is installed 100% right and fully compliant.

Solar is everything your home needs to save on your electricity bills.

Many homeowners are installing solar power systems to reduce their reliance on Eskom, lower their electricity bills,  protect against load shedding and make their homes more environmentally friendly.

We recommend HYBRID (off grid) systems that use a combination of solar during the day  to run high energy appliances such as geysers, pool pumps, washing machines  as well as charging your battery configuration for later use.  If you  invest in one or more batteries  these can  be cycled and run low consumption items at night,hence providing even greater savings.

   By keeping certain % age of your battery unused  allows for critical areas to be powered during load shedding

Load shedding and back up power solutions

Fight load shedding with a customised solution that  uses integrated battery direct into your distribution board. We target the critical applications such as lights and security and exclude non critical guysers and pool pumps etc.


Grid-tied Solutions

Save money by seamlessly switching from Eskom to Solar power whenever the sun is out. No battery is required and savings will only occur during day time use.

Off-Grid & Hybrid Solutions

Invest in a long term renewable energy solution, go for a hybrid solution that provides a combination of solar panels for day time saving and battery back up. Ideal for maximum savings for both night time use and / or load shedding.

Benefits Of Using Solar Cape Town

 Independent electricity control

 Contributing to the green economy

 Nationwide support available

Financial Benefits Of Using Solar Cape Town

 Creative finance solutions to suit your needs.

 No deposit*

 Arrange a financial structure that suits you

 Increased property value

Is Solar The Right Thing For You

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